Riku Asano is the main protagonist of Volume 1. She is 15 years old at the beginning of the manga, and is 18 years old at the ending. She goes to high school


Riku has a very strong personality. She is very stubborn, and once she decides on something, there is no way her mind will be changed. She is close friends with Rito, and shares her secret yuri/yaoi fantasies with her. Riku is a hardcore otaku who loves to draw doujinshi. Riku has a huge collection of merchandise form the Black Rock Shooter franchise, suggesting that it is her favorite anime. She also likes to make Kenhatchi cosplay, even though Kenhatchi ususally resists. She has an incredible weakness for cute things, and anytime she sees something cute or adorable, she breaks down and goes a little crazy over it. This weakness is used by her friends when they want to bribe her, ususally to do something related to school. She is actually very smart, but only gets average grades becuase of her lack of motivation to do homework (she'd rather be watching anime). Riku also is a gaming fanatic, and she is usually caught watching anime way late into the night


Riku is a tall girl. She has short angled light brown hair, and blue eyes. She's not exceptionally pretty, but she's not bad looking either. She is very well evolved in the height range, but in other areas-- she's average. But that's what Rito loves about Riku the most so, to heck with body proportions! When Riku is not wearing her school uniform, she is always wearing a sweat shirt. Also typically has a V neck shirt on. But Cosplay is always an option too! Rito an Riku obviously have a yuri fanbase, and also enjoy creating yuri manga together. Riku also has slightly thicker eye brows in the 1st volume, but not in the rest of the series (for some odd reason).  She has a lighter shade of blue in her eyes, and her eye shape is the basic rounder eye shape. If she had any other eyes she would probibly look pretty weird, but in Rito's opinion-- Riku is a very fine lookin gal!